Content Conversation With RP Singh - Conference Chairperson, CMS Asia

Q How content marketing is different from Social Media marketing?
A Content marketing is a broader subject and content can be distributed using social media platforms. Social media marketing, however, is limited to Social Networks etc.

Q From my current set of agency partners, who is best equipped to handle content?
A Tough question. It totally depends on your agency partners and what kind skill set they have in-house. These days, there are many content specific agencies working with brands for their requirements.

Q Where should I spend more money, Creation or Distribution of content?
A If the content is King, then distribution is Queen. What's the point of spending all your money on creating great content if you are left with nothing to distribute? Similarly, if you are not spending enough money on Creation, what will you distribute. The right balance is 30-70 for Creation-Distribution. Depending upon the scale, you might need to allocate budgets for Content Management also.

Q Which is the best platform to distribute content?
A There are no good or bad platforms. You should choose platforms based on where your users are. If you are creating digital video content to be consumed by users who do not have proper internet access, it is a waste of resources. Similarly, if you are creating content for desktop consumption and your users are majorly on mobile, it is a waste again.


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