How Startups should kick start their content marketing journey on a shoestring budget?

Ashish Patil

Business & Creative Head,
Yash Raj Films

Startups deal with a lot of challenges from building the team, dealing with competitors, understanding the money flow, sustainability, risk management, marketing, work culture, leadership and much more.

We got lucky to speak to Ashish Patil, Business & Creative Head, VP: Youth Films, Brand Partnerships, Talent Management at Yash Raj Films on “How startups should kick-start their content marketing journey with a shoestring budget?”

Here’s a synopsis of our discussion -

Rule #1: So don’t think, JUST DO IT!

You don’t need deep pockets to kick start your content marketing journey. And content marketing is not limited to video content alone. It could be in the form of blogs, photos, Instagram stories and much more. But, doing it is essential today not just for success but for survival!

Rule #2: Bring experts on board to do it.

Try and get some experts, people who are damn good at creating content to do this. Get them on board to do this. Don’t try to do everything yourself.

Rule #3: Let the experts do their job, get out of the way!

Then get the hell out of the way. It’s the difference between raising a child and a teenager. A young child you wield a lot more control over in terms of telling/ instructing them what to do, what to wear, when to eat, etc. But with teens – it’s only influence. Not control. So you have to make sure your upbringing [briefing in this case], the values that you instilled [clear brand traits] and the people who you put around them [experts/ content marketing team] are correct. Then, hope for the best. So have clarity on your brand story, clarity on your brief & objectives and get the right people on board to do that.

Rule #4: Don’t evaluate content marketing as you would your traditional ad campaigns

Don’t apply the parameters of traditional media/ advertising to content. It doesn’t work like that. It’s not a sales promotion. But everything in life can be measured including how much you love someone. Just the metrics may vary. Try to do that. Because being profitable gives you the luxury of being creative. The metrics can be defined basis the objectives you may have.

Rule #5: Be patient

Content marketing is a long tail play. These aren’t overnight impact campaigns like sales promos. Most people think by putting out a ‘viral video’ they will get rich with crazy sales overnight. WRONG! Content marketing helps build trust. That trust then translates into having the brand on the consideration set by being positively inclined towards it. And then a positive experience with it through trial eventually translates into sales, possibly riches. I have seen that happen consistently across platforms, across campaigns, across categories. E.g. Mere Dad Ki Maruti had a 30% spike on test drives for the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga during the film’s release window. The first 6-Pack Band campaign helped Brooke Bond Red Label grow 1.3X as compared to the packaged tea category. And the Ranveer Ching Returns campaign we did for Ching’s Desi Chinese helped grow their distribution and their topline by over 200%.

These 5 #Rules can make a big difference in positioning your brand with least monetary investments. So, what’re you waiting for? Go forth and JUST DO IT!


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