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Sarthak Seth
Chief Marketing Officer,

Content marketing practices at Panasonic

We are glad to have Sarthak Seth, Chief Marketing Officer - Panasonic with us sharing some insights on how content helps to create, communicate and conceptualize brand advocacy with consumers - Here are his views on content marketing practices for Panasonic

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Srihari Palangala
Senior Director Marketing,
Dell EMC India

Humanize your storytelling for a tech product

Srihari Palangala, Senior Director & Head of Marketing, Dell EMC India has shared some realistic intellectual insights on how to humanize the power of technology portfolio and master the art of storytelling.

Over the years, technology has pervaded all aspects of day-to-day life for most of us.

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Madhavi Irani
Chief Officer-Content, Nykaa

What role does content play to sustain the position of a leading Indian multi-brand beauty ecommerce retailer?

Content is one of the six pillars—that include brand partnerships, curation, omnichannel strategy, private label and marketing—that has contributed to Nykaa’s success.

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Amit Tandon
Vice President and Business Head, Brand Business at HealthKart

HealthKart is known for its innovative routes to become India’s #1 health destination. How did content help you in this journey?

Healthkart started in 2011 and in our early days only we recognized that for us to sell Health supplements we would need to first educate Indian consumers on benefits of health supplements and bust several myths that were floating around supplements.

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Zarina Stanford
Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific & Japan, SAP

From a short-term 'Marketing Wave' to a 'Permanent Discipline', what are your thoughts on Content Marketing evolution?

The saying of "Content is King" was reportedly first appeared in The 1978 Photographer's Market published by Writer's Digest Books and made pervasive by Bill Gates' 1996 Essay titled "Content is King".

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Ashish Patil
Business & Creative Head, Yash Raj Films

How Startups should kick start their content marketing journey on a shoestring budget?

Startups deal with a lot of challenges from building the team, dealing with competitors, understanding the money flow, sustainability, risk management, marketing, work culture, leadership and much more.

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Prasoon Gupta
Co-founder, Sattviko

How does content helps you bring together philosophy of Ayurveda, Yoga and healthy food?

The traditional Indian values have always been there deep inside every Indian’s heart. Good content helps bring back those childhood memories and also encourages people to follow a healthy approach towards a Sattvik Lifestyle.

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Pallavi Singh
Head of Marketing, MG Motor India Pvt. Ltd.

Storytelling empowers brands to connect with consumers. How can brands excel in the art of storytelling?

Most of us are storytellers at heart. We have all grown up listening to stories of legends, mythological creatures, ghosts, Greek mythologies and more. A decade or so back, stories were a big part of the family structure, education and the time one would spend with family.

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RP Singh
Chief Curator,
Content Marketing Summit Asia

How can brand marketers ace up their content marketing game for 2018?

It's the end of another year and marketers are already thinking about their 2018 marketing strategies. 2017 has witnessed quite a number of trends in this rapidly evolving marketing ecosystem.

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Blaze Arizanov
Co-Founder & CMO,

From a start-ups perspective, what are the key principles of storytelling?

First principle - Every story needs a protagonist, a hero. Make sure you find yours quickly. In the early days of StayUncle when we had no advertising budget,

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Tara Marsh
Global Head of Content, Wunderman

What is the most important pre-requisite for starting content marketing?

The most important starting point is knowing what you are trying to achieve – this is the starting point for any kind of marketing. What is your business objective, who is your audience, what do they need, what does your brand stand for?

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Dawn Jeremiah
APAC Content Marketing Manager, Kayak

What is the most important pre-requisite for starting content marketing?  

The most important prerequisite for getting started with your content marketing journey is to have a purpose, instead of creating content for the sake of it. Why are we creating content? Are there any existing consumer problems that our brands can help solve?

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Virginia Sharma
Director - Marketing Solutions, India

How do you see brands using Content Marketing in the next 1 year? 

Content Marketing is now becoming a core element of the marketing mix as marketers, especially in B2B, see content marketing as a much more efficient way to generate leads. I see two big shifts this year...

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Lauren Quaintance
Co-founder & Head of Content, Storyation

How do you see brands using Content Marketing in the next 1 year?

There will be a continued focus on integrating content marketing into the traditional marketing ecosystem. Most brands understand the "why" but are still grappling with the "how" - how do they staff and resource content marketing, how do they amplify ...

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Levent Guenes
Chief Growth Officer, Havas Group APAC & CEO Southeast Asia

Everybody is talking about content and most of the times it is not strategic in nature, how do you think brands can start thinking about content in a more integrated manner? 

According to Havas' Meaningful Brands study, more than 70% of consumers ...

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Lita Mardjuni
Head of Marketing Services at Nestle Indonesia

ROI is the toughest question a CMO needs to answer when it comes to Content Marketing. How do you approach ROI when it comes to your campaign?

Today we don’t have clear measurement and it is still exploration,...

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Sarah Ivey
Ex-Global Chief Strategy Officer, Initiative Worldwide. CEO - Agents of Necessity

How does one balance between content creation & content distribution as most of the budgets are currently going towards creation leaving nothing for amplification? 

This problem is as old as advertising ...

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