Content conversation with Blaze Arizanov - Co-Founder & CMO,

Q From a startups perspective, what are the key principles of storytelling?

First principle - Every story needs a protagonist, a hero. Make sure you find yours quickly. In the early days of StayUncle when we had no advertising budget, storytelling was our only way out. Sanchit, my Co-founder, or more precisely his Tinder dating life were the center of StayUncle story telling efforts which brought forth our first set of paying customers.

Second principle – Consistency. One day my co-founder, Sanchit's mother got to know about the contents of our newsletter featuring his Tinder dating stories. His mother got a mild heart attack from the shock. Sanchit bounced on me for secretly taking note of our bro talks and sending them to our community without his knowledge. He insisted to stop the newsletter. Despite the difficult circumstances and the stakes in place (an actual human life) I didn’t stop the story flow. A good real life story often becomes even greater than the trivialities of its main protagonist as they involve faith.

Third principle – Never outsource content requirements. That’s because very often the story of the startup is the story, the personal tragedy of the founder himself and his motivation to address a certain problem.

Fourth principle - Keep it on digital. It’s cheaper, until you are bootstrapped.

Lastly, for ROI observe the amount of organic traffic received, followed by the number of brand mentions.

Q How content empowers you to overcome controversy of being a bold startup and at the same time gain trust for the first time goers?

Content helps us protect our brand from de-humanization and that in return, maintains trust. Each piece of content we produce from Newsletters to Facebook posts makes the reader feel, StayUncle as humane. The best way to build trust is to make the brand appear as a real human being.

We have responded to the controversy with our own type of controversy, Uncle- flavored. That’s why we address ourselves as Blaze uncle or Dikshi auntie and our brand as Uncle with a capital U (see this) Whenever someone reaches out to us via any channel he is greeted by an old Uncle – an ever understanding compassionate chillaxed uncle from the village who twists his moustache and says to the ever tensed up youth – just relax, Uncle will make it happen.

Q Stay Uncle has come up with varied content initiatives to name a few, Dikshi auntie’s advice video course, Love Forum, offering goodies. Which of these has worked best for Stay Uncle?
A All of them were meant to stand independently and emanate originality. If someone didn’t fall for our marketing emails he would fall for Dikshi auntie’s feed. If not for that, she will fall for our Love Forum. If not for that he would fall for our Facebook page. Every piece of marketing must represent a universe of its own, subtly serving the greater cause of the multiverse.


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