Content conversation with Lauren Quaintance - Co-founder & Head of Content, Storyation

Q How do you see brands using Content Marketing in the next 1 year? 
A There will be a continued focus on integrating content marketing into the traditional marketing ecosystem. Most brands understand the "why" but are still grappling with the "how" - how do they staff and resource content marketing, how do they amplify and measure content and most importantly how do they create content that stands out in an incredibly competitive environment.

Q What is the most important pre-requisite for starting content marketing?
A Knowing your audience, understanding their needs, wants and dreams. If you only have broad demographic information about your audience then don't bother to start a content marketing program.

Q What is stopping brands from doing good content work?
A Great content marketing needs two things - bravery and commitment. At least 15% of your content should be devoted to brave or daring ideas you don't know will work and you need to be committed for the long term. At least 12 months.

Q One advice you would like to give to anyone starting content marketing?
A It's a long term play so don't expect immediate results. But given the shifts in the marketing landscape, you really have no choice but to drop the sales pitch and make a genuine connection with your audience through useful, entertaining or inspiring content.


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