Q ROI is the toughest question a CMO needs to answer when it comes to Content Marketing. How do you approach ROI when it comes to your campaign?
A Today we don’t have clear measurement and it is still exploration, but if we pull back it is the same case as measuring ROI for communication campaign in general.

Q Everybody is talking about content and most of the times it is not strategic in nature, how do you think brands can start thinking about content in a more integrated manner?
A To be strategic, we need to understand how mobile and social works.

Q How does one balance between content creation & content distribution as most of the budgets are currently going towards creation leaving nothing for amplification? 
A We don’t experience this situation. In our planning we have put aside finding for both, although sometimes we’re treat digital content the same as content for conventional media.

Q B2B brands have almost mastered the art of storytelling, why is it proving to be so difficult for B2C brands? Any suggestions for B2C brands?
A My personal view is that we should have a solid brand positioning and communication plan and call to action.

Q What is your take on the expertise of traditional agencies in content space? Are they ready?
A With regret, in my view traditional agencies have not evolved and embrace digital marketing.


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