Content conversation with Prasoon Gupta -
Co-Founder, Sattviko

Q How does content helps you bring together philosophy of Ayurveda, Yoga and healthy food?

The traditional Indian values have always been there deep inside every Indian’s heart. Good content helps bring back those childhood memories and also encourages people to follow a healthy approach towards a Sattvik Lifestyle.

Q Sattviko has acquired packaged food maker FYNE Superfoods followed by a food delivery startup Call a Meal and then StyleSpot. What is your approach to find the right partners for your journey?

There is no systematic format to choose companies as there are a lot of metrics involved to acquire a company. The core value that we look for in anyone is ‘Entrepreneurship’. The term entrepreneurship itself includes a lot of other qualities like risk-taking, decision making, team management and many more. We are always looking for people who want to create something valuable and are aligned with company’s goals and visions. The Founder of Call a Meal, Kartik Singhal is now a core team member of Sattviko and an integral part of the organization. Having a super awesome team guarantees the success of any organization

Q What is the role of content for Sattviko, from being a chain of quick service restaurants to be recognized as the most prominent food start-up at the National Entrepreneurship Awards?

Good content helps in establishing the brand values in people’s minds. As our target audience covers a varied age group, we need rich content to align the individual mindset to company’s philosophy. The age old philosophy of Ayurveda with a twist of modern flavors’ brings out the best of both worlds. We believe, content only works if it is relatable and content marketing helps to engage with the audience through channels.

For Instance, we have successfully established our Khakhra Chips(North Indian snack) as the ‘National Snack of India’. So far, consumer’s reaction to the variants of Khakhra Chips has been amazing. Currently, Pizza Khakhra Chips is one of the highest selling SKU of our range and it all depends on the way we placed it in consumer’s mind.

Q What are your recommendations for start-ups, who are practicing content marketing at a shoestring budget?

'Investing in the right people' - what we experienced in our journey was getting the right person for the job helps the whole initiative. Content needs a lot of creativity and ability to analyze the customer's mindset. If your audience see what they want to see and gets it, you have already made a mark.

Q Where does your brand stand in the content marketing space vis-à-vis other players in your category?

We have a decent number of likes and followers on every social media platform now and the loyalty of these kind of customers is what we strive to achieve. Our marketing aims to bring back the essence of Indian traditions that are lost somewhere via a community of likeminded Indians to cherish the culture we share. Simply put, as the “First Indian Global Brand”.

Q What do you think marketers should do in 2018 to adopt a content friendly consumer marketing strategy?

Marketers should focus more on videos and vernacular content way forward. The recent use of photography techniques like stop motion and slow motion videos have seen an amazing response from consumers. Personalized, clear and crisp communication has been a plus point for any brand.


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