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Chief Marketing Officer,

We are glad to have Sarthak Seth, Chief Marketing Officer - Panasonic with us sharing some insights on how content helps to create, communicate and conceptualize brand advocacy with consumers - Here are his views on content marketing practices for Panasonic.

In the digital era, where the battle is for visibility, space and acceptance, content marketing is the guiding force leading brands to carve their own niche and amaze customers with their own subtle antics. Conceptualizing, Creating and Communicating – the 3 pillars of content marketing if done rightly acts as a game changer for the brand in the long run. If social media connects us with different communities around the globe, content acts as the catalyst to attract and engage via meaningful pieces to drive conversation.

To create a communication that builds credibility, calls for social interactions, and reaches the target audience with precision, digital is the place to be. Thus, Panasonic India has chosen to articulate its central communication across categories via digital mediums that bridges the consumer needs and product benefits. Each piece of content (social media post, blog, etc.) aims to add value to a consumer’s life, while focusing on the functional and emotional relevance of the products.

The imaging business in India has been flamed to grow leaps and bounds. In the world, where everyone wants to compete for a spot, Lumix is creating its own niche by focusing on videographers and gradually foraying into the space of photographers by encouraging them to step up their skills and adapt to the latest 4K imaging technology. Lumix as a global brand is well known and has been an imminent name among some of richest talent in the art & science of photography. While in India, brand Lumix is growing steadily and is paving the journey with digital milestones aiding brand to consumer interactions. The brand’s focus lies more on creating value for its audience, by celebrating the art of capturing real moments, perfectly. The passion, precision and parameters of photography are the key pillars that dominate their game on social content. Every feature of each product is explained in a simple, relatable manner along with visual cues.

And when each post is a moment #ShotOnLumix, the credibility and the aspiration to own the product is bound to soar. By incorporating influencer marketing, along with content marketing, the reach of the content multiplies manifold. With #ChangingPhotography as the core of the communication, key features of the product as the focus, and influencers as the brand’s evangelists, Lumix is determined to derive shift in the consumer’s perspective and make audience as the ultimate loyalists.

The brand advocacy route has helped the brand in generating awareness about the product in different genres and generations. Whether it was a heart-warming Father’s Day collaboration or a full-fledged roll out of Eid Celebration capturing the charm of Old Delhi, Lumix as a brand has collaborated with local communities as well as standalone KOLs or what the industry widely refers to as influencers to create WOM. Even the much-celebrated, media excursion to Bir Billing gave the brand an edge and open up about its strengths leading to conversation on social. In the long run, Influencer collaboration will help with the awareness for the brand and in turn drive sales because it’s not the brand but customers helping the word of the brand forward. And this could be well understood from G7/G85 launch, where the successful collaboration with photography influencers generated awareness about the product even before it had hit the stands and to our good, converted it into business.

When it comes to tactical, the brand advocates and loyalists are not behind in raving about the product, features and the overall experience via their own social assets. And the excitement is visible in their communication ensuring that there is always room for more.

Talking about SANYO, the popular TV brand, the onus of marketing has now shifted to the place where the audience is, online. As the channel is evolving, the brand has also gradually shifted to a strong digital presence, instead of solely relying on the traditional medium. The passion pillars of lifestyle, food, memes and topical talking points, are tapped upon to weave the content strategy that’s interesting, relevant and engaging and the same is interspersed tactically on weekends as our TG is more active on those days. With Netflix and YouTube being one of the most sought after sources of entertainment for the millennials, the brand builds the connection by creating content around the chilling and binge watching. Thus, the TV viewing culture is portrayed through the communication, #HangInWithSANYO.

The brand also focusses on highlighting the features like Dual core CPU, Quad core GPU, Dolby Audio, etc. through social media posts. The unboxing & review videos have picked up pace on YouTube in recent times and more people are now searching for video reviews rather than text reviews on Google Search, hence collaborations with YouTube tech influencers has helped us building the credibility and trust amongst our audience who is tech savvy and researches everything online before making a purchase decision, commonly known as the ‘Zero Moment of Truth’.

So, how have we integrated ZMOT in our approach at Panasonic? In today’s always connected mobile first world, ZMOT has become a global behavior, Panasonic has gained a competitive edge by identifying and understanding the moments that matter and has acted on them across its marketing mix, by identifying the moments in which the people are looking for information, we made sure we are present and have something interesting, relevant & engaging to say and then measure the impact of our efforts at last.

Targeting the right content, at the right time, in the right place is very important. Winning the Zero Moment of Truth is a precise moment in your marketing efforts when a customer becomes your customer — and it's not the moment when the customer completes a transaction, it's the moment you win the customer’s trust through content marketing.

The audience is ever-evolving, and so are the ways to market them a product/service. With content marketing being the complete game-changer, Panasonic is sticking to the basics, by keeping the consumer the most important part of any communication. While users have all the information available to them, the larger effort of Panasonic lies towards bringing the right message across to the right people, at absolutely the right time.


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