Content conversation with Dawn Jeremiah - APAC Content Marketing Manager, Kayak

Q What is the most important pre-requisite for starting content marketing? 
A The most important prerequisite for getting started with your content marketing journey is to have a purpose, instead of creating content for the sake of it. Why are we creating content? Are there any existing consumer problems that our brands can help solve?

Q What is stopping brands from doing good content work?
A Possessing a purpose but lacking strategy, failing to understand that content marketing is an ecosystem that involves a product, design, distribution and amplification; not a short term solution.

Q One advice you would like to give to anyone starting content marketing?
ACreate a strategy and roadmap with short and long term goals. Start thinking about creating pieces of content that are not just unique, but useful therefore evergreen and can be repurposed across multiple marketing channels.

Q How do you see travel brands using Content Marketing in the next 1 year?
AI see travel brands creating more localized and even hyper local content within the next year, and experimenting with highly visual and immersive content formats. Though it also doesn't always have to be something out there. KAYAK launched an emoji search campaign this year leading up to World Emoji Day. Users simply used the emojis available within their existing keyboards on their mobile phones, to search for flights from city to city and the results were phenomenal. I foresee content playing a more predictive and intuitive role in users' lives. Also, content marketing will have higher accountability as more and more travel brands begin to peg the performance of each content to their customer lifetime value and acquisition cost. I’m also keeping an eye on content marketing in emerging markets, especially around the Asia Pacific region.


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